Breast Augmentation and Lift

There are many factors that women consider when investigating the possibility of breast augmentation surgery, not the least of which is the particular procedure itself. Many women come to our practice in Greater Boston because they do not want to experience sagging breasts (ptosis) anymore. Breast lift (mastoplexy) surgery can certainly restore your youthful look and the type of breast lift surgery that is right for you can be determined by a visit to our office and a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Smith.

Very often we perform a combination of breast augmentation (change of size and shape) at the same time we do the breast lift surgery. This combination is a very effective means of eliminating the effects of gravity, age, weight loss, and even pregnancy. Many of our clients have reported how much better they feel about themselves as well as and the increase in self confidence they have experienced as a result of the breast augmentation with lift surgery that is performed by Dr.Jeffrey Smith in the privacy and comfort of his office operating room located in the Greater Boston area.

Dr. Jeffrey Smith is Board Certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery. He has had the privilege of serving patients from the Greater Boston, Massachusetts and New England areas ever since he opened his private practice in the year 2000. For a no obligation consultation, please call the medical office of Dr. Jeffrey Smith today at 978-256-7697. You will be glad you did.