Meet the Staff


Deborah McBride
Deb has been working with Dr. Smith since the practice was established in 2000. She works diligently every day to communicate with each patient, helping them to feel comfortable and making sure that all of their questions are answered. After your consultation, Deb will meet with you to discuss the cost and scheduling of your procedure. She will work with your insurance company regarding your benefits when applicable. Deb strives to provide the best in personalized patient care and her knowledge and compassion are readily apparent to anyone who meets her.

Tina Kollarics
Tina’s fifteen years experience as both a direct patient care provider and patient liaison help her play an essential role in the success of the practice. She ensures that the office operates effectively, efficiently and to the highest standards of patient care. Tina is also responsible for medical billing and will assist you with your financial and insurance concerns. Tina’s commitment and dedication to treating our patients with kindness and respect exemplify the practice’s goal of excellent patient care.


Nayara Santos
Nayara a certified medical assistant has been working for Dr. Smith since 2011. offering Portuguese as second language. Her warm and inviting personality shines when caring for Dr. Smith’s patients. Nayara provides exceptional patient care and is also fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.